Covered Species: Birds

Burrowing Owl

Western Burrowing Owl

Western burrowing owl (Athene canicularia) is protected under Federal law through the Migratory Bird Act and is State Species of Special Concern. The Burrowing Owl is small ground-dwelling diurnal owl with several distinctive features including its bright yellow eyes, long legs and characteristic bobbing behavior when disturbed. Burrowing owl is found throughout western North America, from the Great Plains grasslands in southern portions of the western Canadian provinces south through the United States into Mexico. Throughout their range, burrowing owls require habitat that includes three basic attributes: open, well-drained terrain; short, sparse vegetation; and underground burrows.

Western Burrowing Owl Modeled Habitat | Species Account

Least Bell's Vireo

Least Bell's Vireo

Least bell’s vireo (Vireo bellii pusillus) is a Federal and State listed endangered species. Least Bell's vireos are small birds and have short rounded wings and short, straight bills. There is a faint white eye ring. Feathers are mostly gray above and pale below. Historically the range of this species was widespread throughout California, including the Sacramento and San Joaquin Valleys. Though this subspecies still mostly resides in southern California there have been significant increases in population numbers. Typically vireos utilize dense, low, shrubby vegetation characteristic of early successional stages in riparian areas and are also known to commonly use oak woodland and scrub, coastal chaparral, and mesquite brushlands.

Least Bell's Vireo Modeled Habitat | Species Account